50 Cent Visit Troy Ave In Hospital

G-Unit head honcho and biggest advocate of Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave, 50 Cent stopped by the hospital to check up on the wounded rapper. Troy, suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and was grazed in the head by a bullet while driving in a Maserati. The shooting is said to have gone down at 4:20 p.m. ET on East 91st Street and Linden Boulevard.

Troy’s attorney Scott Leemon confirmed the news, in a statement,Leemon states “In Brooklyn, going to meet his family for the holiday, he was shot two times. Thankfully, he will survive the second attempt on his life. As we have said from the beginning—he is a victim. We pray for his speedy recovery.”

According to a report by Hot 97’s Lisa Evers, Troy was accompanied by an unidentified female passenger, who was left uninjured during the attack. Police have confirmed to Evers that the shooter is currently at large.

Let’s wish Troy a speedy recovery.

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