A Message To My Community, Coney Island

Coney Island Brooklyn.. Post hurricane sandy, i went on a drive of my neighborhood to take a look at the devartasion what this store had cause, and I never seen anything like it  before. Before I took my drive on Mermaid Ave, I had started my day by handing out food and water, pretty much just doing what i could have done to help the red cross out. Now prior to sandy, I helped folks out before,digging a car out after a snow storm, but nothing like this. It touches home when most of the people on line for food and water are people that you grew up with. Just knowing that people I grew up with were misplaced after the storm hurt me to my heart. Just as my heart was feeling a little heavy, I seen a few smiles on line, I seen people in good sprites. And most of of all, I heard an older guy(maybe in his 60s) say” thank you young fella,keep up the good work and god bless you”. Now I have not seen this gentleman before today, but just those words there,moved me. 

As I was wrapped up my day, I came home and cut the news on. Channel 11 is one of my favorite news stations, so I would trust what they have to say. As I sat and watched the news I seen that they were at the same location I was at in Coney Island,I got a lil excited. Not cause maybe they could have showed me on the news (which my kids would have loved) but just the fact that they would have been reporting on something other then the fact that there was some looting. Instead the reporter was station at the site where people was volunteering just to do a report about porter potties that was stuck in Staten Island. I was so angry, and then as i flipped the channel in search of another news station that maybe just maybe report about the fact that there is still not a lot of power in Coney Island. Or the fact that a community broken, came together to help each other out. I seen nothing.  Now that wasn’t the only thing that made me mad, the Governor of this great state, came on tv and address New Yorkers and blasted the power companies for not having power back up and running in the areas of Far Rockaway,Breezy Point, Staten Island and Long Island.. Not once did he mention Coney Island,RedHook,SheepsHead Bay, pretty much south Brooklyn. NOT ONCE!!

Social media has been really more reliable for south Brooklyn than the local news. I want my peoples of Coney Island to know, we cannot  depend on the media or the government to help repair our neighborhood. I may not physically live out there any more, but CI is always in my heart and blood. Stay strong and stay as a unit, lets show them that there is a story worth reporting, and that story is how a community bounced back from such adversary  and rebuild..Image


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