Artist Spotlight: ill Woods -From Small State To The Big Stage, Get to Know Rhode Island Newest Act

Energy on a thousand were the first words that came to mind when describing this young man. Raw and uncut isn’t something one would expect from the smallest state in the country.

The first thought of Rhode Island one would think of nice trees, nature parks, beaches but there is a growing hip hop scene. In comes ill Woods, I got the chance to meet and to get a true understanding of what it’s like to be a hip hop artist coming up in a small town.

Rhode Island isn’t known for having such a large music scene, you being a hip hop act do you find it hard coming out of a region that isn’t known for hip hop?   

For sure. Of course, there’s a lot of “rappers” around, but at the end of the day, it just seems like everyone stays local. You know what they say crabs in a barrel. The place where you from won’t lift you up.    

As a new artist, I noticed you taken the DIY approach to your music, is that difficult or something that comes naturally to you?   

It definitely came naturally to me. Given there was no rap community I had no one to compare myself to. So when I was building a sound and marketing myself; it all just started to flow together one day.    

What’s your approach in your recording process? What’s your typical session like?   

I usually write my songs while I’m at work. While I’m on break and stuff. I’ll even listen to an instrumental for hours honestly and just plug a bar at a time if I have to. I also can’t force shit. If my momentum – in the moment – ends, the song ends. I usually don’t like to go back to things I feel it gives my songs more feel to them.  
photo credit:ONELOVE @asonofsuns

I peep you like to keep your circle small, why is that? And why is that important to you?   

It’s not like I’m excluding people just because lol. But it is true the circle is small. I get an instant vibe off someone and tbh I don’t like most people’s energy so I steer away. I guess it’s just me being introverted subconsciously.   
Is it important for you to become the next big thing?  

 I obviously want to have the biggest reach I can get. But The motivation isn’t to be the next big thing. I want to be a force of nature in the world. Real impact not just on IG explore for 3 days then gone. We’ll see

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