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Artist Spotlight: Money Montage “This Thing Of Ours” LP

After working with frequent collaborators such as Dave EastMoney Montage continues to show consistency dropping his new project “This Thing of Ours.” The project is a double-sided LP with an array of artists including King Los, OG Maco, Rob $tone, and more.


“I wanted this project to represent how much of this game is based on relationships. How much simpler things can be when you have the right group of people behind you. Before 2017, I stayed away from collaborating on production with many other producers. I was getting very uninspired although I had new songs dropping all the time. I decided to try new things and NEVER force anything. It led to some pretty dope sh*t.”

Album highlights include “The Way We Used to Live” featuring King Los and Mark Battles. Montage provided an extremely HEAVY instrumental with a chilling vocal sample allowing these guys to lyrically destroy the track. Los does exactly what he’s known for as a wordsmith and Mark Battles proved he had some bars of his own. Another record that should draw some attention is OG Maco’s “Snowfall.” The ambient undertones serve as a canvas for Maco to float on. This song starts of the “West Side” as a complete juxtaposition to the hard-hitting vibes of the “East Side.”


Production credits include Money Montage along with his team of producers under his IC Records umbrella – Rich Icy, Chris Rose, Coopatroop, and Ghost.

“I hope the album showcases my versatility as a producer. I never want to be stuck with one sound and I want people to know that I am ready and able to work with any kind of artist.”

Stream the double LP here

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