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With as much potential as any contributor on the indie scene today, Trenton New Jersey native Tuck and his Block Life Entertainment faction have been putting the groundwork together looking to 2017 as a breakout year. Having already amassed success with the releases of

Having already amassed success with the releases of The Refill (2015) which is available via iTunes, Tuck has turned up the heat and continues to deliver for the streets as well as provide other demographics with quality music they can believe in and a brand worth supporting. Showing his roots in true Hip Hop he has started his campaign off with freestyles to classic instrumentals such as Everyday Struggle, 357, Survival of The Fittest all the while remaining grounded in the sonic dominance of today.  His plan is to outwork everyone including the competition as he pushes his brand of reality rap on the masses hoping to get what he truly deserves- opportunity. All any ambitious and confident individual can ask for, Tuck is not one to call on favors or handouts; he meets all networking and brand building opportunities at eye level.  From the

From the music to clothing (Tuck is always clad in his own apparel) Tuck is working to continue to open up doors and bring awareness to his hometown and all of his cohorts one dope play at a time.

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