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But Do We Really Need Another On The Run Tour, Jay-Z?

While most are getting their coins ready for yet another Beyonce and Jay-Z tour, I know/knew there was some that felt the same as I do, another tour? I got an article alert on Twitter from my trusty friends over at Complex and the article headline read “But I Don’t Want An On The Run Tour 2, Beyoncé” and at that moment I felt someone was feeling the same feelings as me.

The article writer Michale Arceneaux expressed his dislike of Jay-Z and his unfaithful ways, he also admits to being a card-carrying member of the beehive, he would rather see Queen Bey on stage instead of the God MC. Noted Michale did state that Jay catalog is intensive and he can have any crowd rocking, he just doesn’t want to see Hov on stage right now.  Now in all fairness, I would say the same as I am more of a Jay-Z fan than Beyonce so its more geared for me to watch him more than her (even tho shes easy on the eyes), I honestly can do without an OTR II tour right now myself.

Not for the reasons that were expressed in the Complex piece but solely of the strength that for starters, both don’t have any new music for me to rock out to. Granted Jay’s 4:44 was one of his best works in a long time, it still wasn’t stadium worthy for me a big fan to flock to my beloved Barclay Center. Lemonade came out Spring of 2016 and had it had its own tour to accompany it.

This OTR II tour seems to be force feeding fans with music unless there is a joint album to accompany this tour, for me it would be pointless to go. The both of them don’t bring out guest at their shows (even in big market cities) they both will be doing tracks that I have sung along to many of times before and just for my self-righteous mind, I would only feel like I’m supporting Blue, Sir and Rumi backpacking after high school excursions through Europe.

As much as I love the Carters and black love, give me a joint album and then you can get my dollars.

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