Can Kevin Hart Bounce Back From Scandal?

In what became the most talked about story on social media Saturday night, funny man Kevin Hart took to his Instagram to apologize to his pregnant wife Eniko Hart for his recent integrations. Kevin who was once photographed with the alleged woman back in August has now openly spoken about the scandal on his Instagram.

Hart states that he is the victim of an attempted extortion. But who is really buying that? Some on Twitter are calling Hart the biggest hypocrite for his cheating ways. Hart who in the past spoke out against infidelities and women who come after men for money.

It is also noted that Kevin current wife was his mistress while he was married to his childhood girlfriend and now ex Torri Hart. Now we not saying that there can be some differences that caused his first marriage to crumble, but practice what you preach.


Not sure if Kevin PR team put him up to the video but will that apology be enough for Kevin to bounce back from being the laughing stock of the Internet? And let us not forget about Eniko Hart who is pregnant. No matter how she ended up with Kevin it is still hurtful for her. Let’s hope all this can be worked out in the best way possible.

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