Dreka Gates Expands The Gates Empire into Fashion, Beauty and Agriculture

Sometimes we never get a chance to see the face of the person behind the curtain, however, in the case of Kevin Gates and the Gates Empire, his wife and manager, Dreka Gates is ready to unveil the mystery! In addition to managing the everyday ins and outs as a  wife and mother, Dreka invested tons of time, energy and money into multiple self-made ventures.  Focus ed and strategically mapping out multiple company goals in unison, Dreka has mastered the ability to take care of herself.

 “It’s my time to step out of my everyday life of being this driving force behind artists and helping them bring their ideas, visions, and dreams to life, to me basically being the “artist” and marketing myself and all of my “creations”. But don’t get it twisted, I’m still running my label and working with other artists but I want to have a little fun too and it’s totally ok to be a little selfish sometimes!

The  Gates Queen and mother of two is taking her turn by stepping out of her shell to allow her supporting fans a glimpse into her world of blood, sweat, and tears.

Throughout her career, Dreka has served as the Creative Director and Curator for hundreds of photo shoots for artists from her label, Bread Winners Association.  In a bold era of women empowerment, Dreka is consistently encouraged by her own squad to come from behind the desk to the forefront as the Queen leader of BWA.

Besides her label, Dreka is also launching her own clothing line, Polished Eccentric this summer. Polished Eccentric is for everyone; sizes will range from XS-3X. It’s a brand that you’ll be able to build your closet with for years to come.

Dreka also has her own skincare line, and hopefully, as soon as she has some time, Dreka says:
“I want to start building out our Blueberry Farm!”
Inside of a 360 deal is the brains and beauty of Dreka Gates.
Keep up with Dreka Gates: @RealDrekaGates.

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