The Entrepreneur Corner: Meet Brand Ambassador Reem “Ziploc”Dbo

In the first installment of the Entrepreneur Corner, we are highlight brand ambassador of Pierre Patou cognac Reem “Ziploc”Dbo. Dbo raise to brand ambassador came from his hard work in marketing. From promoting some of NYC hottest events, Dbo turned the nightlife hustle into an ambassador job for one of the newest up and coming cognacs.

What made you want to enter into the industry you are in now?

Marketing is something that I am and have always been naturally good at but I didn’t know. When I was a kid and couldn’t afford Polo and Jordan’s so I had French Toast and Ewings on I found a way to “SELL” my outfit to the people around me so that I wouldn’t be made fun of.  At the time I didn’t know that was marketing myself.  I took my style so serious it crowned me the nickname Ziploc because I am so “Fresh”. As a grown up I began doing parties, and became Hood famous and respected for it so when the Pierre Patou opportunity showed it smooth face it was love at first sight.

What makes your liquor special?
The best part about Pierre Patou is the alluring aroma and the smoothest taste.  The two together are kinda like an oxymoron when you smell the cognac you feel like your one of the worst and hardest drinks ever, then you taste the smoothest enjoying cool cognac you probably ever had.

How long did it take for your brand/vision to get off the ground?
Honestly, like most liquors, it’s been on the market for about a year and a half but I have come aboard since the year of 2017 has begun. So just as Diddy got a dead brand like Ciroc and took it where it is I am in the same position to the same and I will.

As an entrepreneur describe one of the many obstacles you had to overcome to get your brand to where it is now:
The biggest obstacle is definitely getting people to trust in the brand, as a cognac brand my people and most people are HENNESSY brainwashed so I’m going through reprogramming at the moment. Lol

Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?
In Five years Patou will for sure be a household name Top 5 selling cognac in the states and then we will be heading overseas to take over the rest of the world.

Lastly any advice you would give to new entrepreneurs?
Just trust in you, trust in your work ethic, trust in your instincts, trust in your God and your relationship with your God, believe in yourself so strongly that nothing and no one can turn you away from your dream and your journey.  The fact of the matter is once you believe you can do it all that is left is JUST DO IT!!!

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