Exclusive: Choppa Zoe Is Here To Put On For The Culture Pt.1

Just before touching down in Austin Texas, and with a new track buzzing in the streets “OkayOkay” I was able to catch up with the emerging star Choppa Zoe before taking off for SXSW. The annual music fest in Austin is a melting pot of up and coming talent as well as establish well-known artist. Choppa Zoe finds himself heading out there to promote his new project Zoe Of Zoes. 

But before he touched down in Austin, Choppa was able to great this exclusive interview for the fans.

Hailing from Palm Beach Florida, Choppa Zoe migrated to NYC after his father passing and learning he had an older half brother.

What was the transition like moving from Palm Beach to moving to NY?

The transition was rough but it needed to be done. I was seeing too many homies dying and seeing folks get locked up, I needed a fresh start. My big bro had a studio in the city so I was like let me try this music thing.

Choppa and his twin brother packed up and drove to NY and was met with open arms to their older brother Vegaz.

The Haitian pride is alive and kicking in the lyrics of Choppa Zoe.

Having love for the Haitian community, what does it mean to you to being a Haitian/American artist? 

I rep my culture and love repping it. I do rap some lyrics in croel but that’s to stay true to my heritage. You have some fakes out there repping the Haitian community just for kicks but I do this for real. 

Before we knew you for your music, most of us got to know you as “Choppa” one of Rafe enemies on the hit web series Money and Violence, how were you able to adapt to people knowing you from the show?

Its crazy, I/we wasn’t expecting for the show to be so big, when people was stopping me talking bout “I saw you on that show” I was saying to myself what show? See my character didn’t get introduced till episode 3, then you didn’t see me again till episode 9, so in that gap of time and people coming up to me I was a lil lost. But once it sunk in it became apparent that the show was on to something.

How did you even become part of the cast?

Well Rafe (the show creator) knew my big brother. He heard my music and when we met we just click instantly. Once I got that phone call from him, I was like sure no prob big homie I got you. 

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