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Facts About Yoga

By: Rodney Harris, CPT, CWMS, CGI

Featured Writer: Sétaré Pender, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer

In today’s article, I have brought a Sétaré good friend of mines in to talk about the benefits of practicing Yoga. Since I don’t know much about this subject I thought it was appropriate to bring Sétaré on to gives us some facts about practicing Yoga. Enjoy!


As a Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer, I enjoy the many benefits that physical fitness and the practice Yoga has to offer. Today, I’m here to share my knowledge on a few facts and benefits you can gain from practicing yoga. Here We Go!

Cardio and Circulatory health.

One of the most difficult issues many of us have when it comes to fitness and health is cardio health (breath control). One of the benefits of practicing yoga is that it helps with your breath control. Also our stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. Taking Hatha Yoga which is the practice of physical yoga postures for at least 2.5 hours/week for about three months increases breath control and stamina. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 😉



Photo: Sétaré doing an Advanced back-bend version of Upward Bow Pose or Front Wheel Pose


Pronunciations OORD-vah (Don-your-AHS-anna)

Protection from injury.

Now that we have covered breath control and believe me when I tell you protection and healing from an injury relates to breath control. In your practice (yoga session) you’ll find some positions to be uncomfortable. To prevent injury or healing from an injury, breathing through the poses with help. Your muscles need oxygen. Oxygen plays a huge role in the recovery process because it helps restore pre-exercise ATP levels and helps your liver break down lactic acid into simple carbohydrates. Increasing your oxygen intake will help the blood to flow to your working muscles. How do we help our blood flow through the body? Through movement, yoga flow and increased muscle strength and toning which brings us to our next fact about practicing yoga.

Increased muscle strength and tone.

Yoga flow has a lot to do with movement and carrying your own body weight and it definitely plays a huge part with increasing muscle strength and toning. Yoga can be very great for all ages and different types of people. Practicing yoga can be very helpful for those looking to build muscle strength and toning but not looking to commit to a high intensity workout. Don’t get me wrong some yoga practices can be intense and make a person break a sweat however, Yoga helps workout your muscles just enough to tone and build strength with the lightest movement(s).



Photo: Sétaré doing a Mermaid Pose

Eh-KAH pah-DAH (rah-JAH-cop-poh-TAHS-anna)

The meaning of ‘Eka’; in Sanskrit is one, ‘pada’; is leg or foot, and ‘raja’; is king.

Increased flexibility and improved athletic performance.

Being flexible has been proven to increase an athlete’s ability and performance. Increased flexibility isn’t limited to athletic performance but through an average person’s daily activity. Whether you are from reaching an item on the shelf during grocery shopping or even from playing with your children or younger relatives.

All the facts stated above  can be applied in different ways but they all go hand in hand in helping the body run more efficiently internally as well as externally. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please send an email, I’ll respond accordingly. I had an amazing time talking with you all.

Namasté everyone.

(Respectful Hindu form of greeting)


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