Here’s Why SoundCloud Should Not Sell To Spotify

It has been reported that Spotify is in the early stages in buying the streaming service SoundCloud. It would make sense since Spotify stayed out of the artist exclusive rights wars that Apple Music and Tidal were having, but for SoundCloud who in its own right stand alone from music streaming. SoundCloud who also started its own paid subscription plan has been tanking in that area but it doesn’t mean that their value is unwanted in the growth of up and coming artist.

Since it came into houses across the nation back in 2007, SoundCloud has been the destination for an artist when wanted to be heard get heard. On any giving day on a SoundCloud feed, you would find an unknown artist mixed in with an artist who may be signed to a label. The validation that an artist feels when their music is cropped in with a well-known artist is refreshing.

Besides monetary factors, SoundCloud should stay in place for the artist, SoundCloud gives us podcasts, SoundCloud gives us playlists of artist we may not know, SoundCloud is FREE (for the most part).

Let us keep something without having to worry about change, leave SoundCloud alone!

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