Legendary Coach & ESPN College Football Analyst Lou Holtz Under Fire for Making Controversial Statements About Immigrants at RNC

Holding  a bottle of Crown Royal the legend of Lou Holtz was in the building at the Republican National Convention. But before he hit the floor of the RNC, the ESPN football analyst, made a few controversial comment during a luncheon.

The trump supporter Holtz made the comments during a luncheon for the Republican National Coalition for Life. Holtz referred to the number of immigrants currently entering the U.S. as an “invasion,” according to The Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff. Holtz also believes immigrants need to learn to speak English and “become us” if they plan on staying in America. While adding “I don’t want to become you,” while speaking about immigrants and even took a shot at the entire sport of soccer as people in attendance at the luncheon applauded him.

Holtz even took a shot at the city of Chicago. Joking  about the violence that has plagued the city of Chicago in recent years by saying that he feels safer in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, I would like to see him walk the streets of Iraq during the Gulf war days.

Needless to say, Holtz may be facing some disciplinary actions from ESPN.

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