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Lita Lewis is Thick and Athletic





By: Rodney Harris, CPT, CWMS, CGI

Featuring: Lita Lewis: CPT, Fitness and Wellness Personality

Every woman and man out there is searching the internet for information on how to build their ultimate physique. The truth everyone has their own definition of not only being fit but also obtaining their dream body. One young lady who has definitely taken the fitness industry by storm with her thick and athletic movement is Fitness and Wellness Personality and Boot Camp Specialist Lita Lewis. Being Half Polynesian and Half Samoan, she has a naturally thick build so her mission has been to help individuals especially women embrace their bodies but also finding themselves through physical fitness and mental fitness as well. Today she will share a few things about herself and what she does to help make an impact on others lives through fitness as well as training tips for those looking for build there ultimate physique.

RH: Hi Lita, so let’s get started! So where were you Born and Raised?

LL: I was born in Los Angeles, and at the age of 2 my parents moved to Australia, where I was raised. I moved to New York in 2007.

RH: Do you have a background in fitness or in sports?

LL: Yes, I ran Track and played Football growing up. I’ve always been an active person and have always loved sports.

RH: Sounds good! So how did you get started in the fitness industry and how long have you been involved with fitness?

LL: I used social media to share my own personal journey towards bettering my health and body transformation. I shared photos and videos of my workouts, the types of foods I was eating, and shared positive words of affirmations and quotes promoting self love and self awareness. I used Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach and share with my audience.  In doing so I unintentionally built a name for myself which lead me to resign from my corporate job and pursue a career in health and fitness wholeheartedly. I’ve been on this journey for almost 3 years now.

RH: I see the fellas as well as the ladies admire you especially for your lower body and your strong build. Can you tell us your 3 exercises that you use to keep your lower body strong and tight.



LL: Training my lower half is a favorite! No leg day goes without the following;

  1. Barbell Squats; 135lbs for 100-120 reps (20 reps each set in various styles; regular, sumo, narrow)
  2. Deadlifts; 135-225lbs for 40-50 reps (10 reps each set)
  3. Leg Extensions super setted with Pop Squats and Jumping Lunges

RH: Let’s talk about your “thick fit” movement. What is your goal with promoting being thick yet fit?

LL: Due to legal reasons I am no longer able to use “Thick Fit” but instead have started using “Thick Athletics” and this is to encourage women to move like real athletes; go muscles vs show muscles! Referring to Thick is simply my own claim to being of a thicker frame and not using that as an excuse to not be active or athletic, but just the opposite. I want to encourage thick women to be proud of their bodies and curves. A common misconception is that thick women aren’t fit or healthy. It’s my goal to break these myths by pushing the Thick Athletics movement.

RH: Since you are woman I think it’s safe to say a lot of women can relate to being thick so what are some mistakes women that have a similar build to you make when starting a routine?

LL: I love that my thick women are striving to build strong, athletic bodies and I’m always flattered when a woman tells me that she’s trying to build a body like mine, but I think one of the biggest mistakes one can make is thinking that she can build a body just like another. We’re all built differently and these differences are things we should embrace. I think thicker frame women should aim to build out a body that is simply the best version of themselves and understand that their ‘thick’ may look different from the next thick woman.

LL: As far as training mistakes are concerned, sometimes thick women do a lot more weight training than what’s needed. I would recommend incorporating lots of Plyometric training to strength training sessions. For a thicker frame woman who isn’t necessarily trying to build a lot more muscle but to tone and tighten, it is imperative that we break up our weight training with some movements that will help shred the muscle and keep it looking thick but lean.

RH: Got it. I hope you ladies are taking notes lol. You are famous on your post on Instagram for not promoting a specific diet regimen. How do you keep a great physique year around without following a specific diet?

LM: I’m a big advocate of leading a well balanced life, period. I personally hate to diet so I don’t ever insinuate that I am on one. My thing is this, from Monday to Friday I eat a very clean diet; high protein, lots of leafy greens, complex carbs, healthy fats and I drink a lot of water and hot tea. Come Saturday and Sunday I typically eat whatever I like! However I’m always mindful of what I’m fueling my body with, for instance I’ll always choose a protein option over the pancakes and waffles at Brunch. Just little choices like this make a difference in the long run. I also train 5-6 days a week, I pride myself in leading a very active lifestyle so when I’m not in the gym, I’m hiking, walking the park or riding my bike. Staying active is key to leading a fit and healthy lifestyle which in turn allows me the flexibility to eat however I please and maintain my physique.



RH: You have a reputation for having some of the most intense boot camps known to man lol. What separates your boot-camps from anyone else’s? How do stand out from the rest?

LL: Haha, I love running my bootcamps! I think what keeps my camps challenging is that I lead them the way I would a group of professional athletes. Athleticism is key, moving our bodies like real athletes is essential. The Body Blast Bootcamp is all about functional movement; speed, power, explosiveness and agility, it’s a high intensity, high dynamic workout and because of this I’d like to think my style of camp separates me from the others.

RH: Do you have any bootcamps or special events coming up in the next few months? If so where and when?

LL: I ran a Bootcamp in Fort Greene, Brooklyn this past Saturday, March 12th. All details on my website ( and will plan to travel across country and run my Body Blast Bootcamp in other cities this Spring and Summer. All dates will be posted to my website!

RH: What do you say to anyone who wants to have a similar physique like Lita Lewis but also a mindset like you as well?

LL: For anyone wanting to transform their body it will cost them consistent effort, but not just consistency but specific, applied training techniques to put you on the fast track to achieving a thicker frame. If you’re of a slim frame the rule of thumb to building lean mass is to incorporate strength training; lower repetitions, heavier weight, with a good amount of volume. For those that are naturally thick and looking to tone and tighten I’d suggest lots of circuit training and doing super-sets, I’d also suggest combining your strength training with Plyometrics for your lower half.

LL: A mindset is hard to encourage. You either have it or you don’t. Although I love being a cheerleader to somebody willing to give their best, I dislike having to remind somebody to work hard for what you want to achieve, this should be a given! If you want a positive mindset, simply adopt a positive mindset!

RH: How can people reach you?



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Twitter: @FollowTheLita


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