Meet Singer Monique ‘Momo’ Gonzalez

Monique ‘Momo’ Gonzalez isn’t only here to secure “the bag” from Kevin Hart but she is also here to let the world know that she is more than a pretty face. Upon doing some research on the mystery woman behind the shocking admission from Hart that there was an indication of a “sexually suggestive” video. I stumble on some music of Monique Gonzalez.

The Miami born singer who’s bio read “I create music that makes you feel. When you listen to me sing, I wanna take you on a ride. I wanna take you away from reality for just a few moments where there is nothing to define you.” Gonzalez appeared as the leading lady in Austin Mahone’s video, “MMM Yeah,” featuring Pitbull. The Cuban born singer style of music is a cross between pop & reggaeton, the model, singer, and actress is delivering a different style and vibe.

Let’s see if she can turn this negative situation into a positive situation. Get familiar with her music below.

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