Meet Streetwear Designer Mel Brown

Streetwear designer Mel Brown took his love for basketball and his neighborhood Coney Island and turned that into a household name brand called Fitted For A King.

Back in 2011, Brown started a one on one basketball tournament for the kids in his community. In order to spread the word about the tournament, Brown made some promotional t-shirts to get the word out. Going to other parks in different neighborhoods the Fitted for a King brand was growing.

Fast forward to 2014, the brand still host the revamped tourney now have a full line of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and are looking to expand into household items. Mel Brown took a hobby, something he was just doing for friends and build a lifestyle brand out of it. In an in-depth interview, designer Mel Brown explains the process of being a new line and what it means to him.

In an in-depth interview, designer Mel Brown explains the process of being a new line and what it means to him.

Explain to us what Fitted For A King Stands For?

Fitted for a King is a lifestyle, its how you hold yourself accountable for being a king. From how you eat, take care of your family to how you present yourself is under the Fitted for a King lifestyle.

Whats your approach as being a new designer in the game?

My thing is I’m always learning new things as I grow as a designer and as I grow my brand. I stay open to all things, keep my eyes and ears open, the one thing about fashion is t-shirts never go out of style, so I just flow with the times and make a  t-shirt that has style to it.

What Does the Fitted For A King logo represent?(disclaimer, I thought it was a lion head)

The logo is actually a wolf head. When most people think of kings, they think of a lion (king of the jungle) but what most don’t know is that the male lion is lazy. For me, I couldn’t have my brand be represented by something that is compared to laziness. As far as wolves are they roll in packs, they hunt together, they eat together. They may have a leader and they are individuals but they come together as one, so that’s why I went with the wolf head for my logo.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Cool, calm, chill, just like my t-shirts, that’s why I love tees so much.

So whats next for the line?

As we get ready for hoodie season I’m prepping the rollout for some exclusive hoodies. I want Fitted For A king to take on home goods. Bedding, home decor type stuff. 


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