Migos and Chris Brown Involved in Altercation at BET Awards After-Party

Things got a little bit heated at an after-party of last night BET Awards, Chris Brown who is still not over his ex-girlfriendKarrueche who is reportedly dating Quavo from Migos allegedly got into an altercation.

Sources say that the Migos was entering the venue around the same time as Brown was wrapping up the premiere of his new video with Future, the Nick Walker-directed “Pie.” When the Migos team saw Brown’s, TMZ claimed, “things got tricky.”

A witness said that Quvao was “pushed” by someone in Brown’s team at which point a Migos crew member intervened and “then got punched.” Brown, however, reportedly “kept walking” and remained uninvolved directly. Eventually, Brown was reportedly met at his car by friends of Migos. Local police reportedly arrived at the scene, but only after everyone had already left.

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