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New Video From Tiffany Evans & Fetty Wap “On Sight” [Video]

On the second go around for her “On Sight” video this time Tiffany and Fetty actually link up. The first video for the song didn’t feature Fetty cause of scheduling differences. But being the true professional he is, Fetty made it down to Atlanta to assist Tiffany on the new video.

“Fetty randomly came into town [in] Atlanta for a show and his team hit me up and asked me if I still wanted to shoot his scene for the video,” said Evans. “That same day we had to plan a whole new video shoot to match what we were doing with Fetty, which is why the footage from New York was scratched. All of it was last minute but we got it.” According to Evans , “He drove one hour away from his home in his own car to the location just to shoot his scene for me,” she said. “When we arrived to the location, I had to fix my makeup, hair, and wardrobe and him and his team waited in the lounge playing pool like it was nothing. Very sweet guy and humble. Definitely something I will not forget.”

Be on the look out new EP All Me dropping soon.


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