No Show: T-Pain Cancel Tour Due To Low Ticket Sales

An honest soul will always stay true.

T-Pain took to his Instagram to confirm that he canceled his upcoming “1UP DLC Tour” due to low ticket sales.

Pain who wasn’t involved with the production of this tour seemed to not trust the vision of the show and decided to overall cancel it as a whole.

“I’m gonna take it upon myself to cancel the ‘1UP DLC Tour’ because it just would’ve been a bad look for me and it wouldn’t have been entertaining for y’all,” he explained. “I’d rather just leave it for a later time.” He explains.

“We fucked up. I’ma keep it real with y’all. Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it’s for low ticket sales. It ain’t really about whatever the fuck reason they say.” He goes on to say. It’s safe to say that the show will go on but not right now.

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