Red Mark Clothing, Setting Its Mark On The Streetwear Game

Individuality, handcrafted art is what makes up this new up and coming brand, Red Mark Clothing. Based out of Miami Florida founder photographer Paul B. had a vision of bringing art and individualism to the forefront.

Being a difference maker is greater than a trendsetter in today’ s fashion world. In a brief conversation with the man behind the vision, it is no wonder why he sees his brand as the new leader of the new school.

What inspired you to do this line?
To see a change in clothing and to bring something different to the fashion industry. To merge fashion and art at a more individual level. To change the aspect of not just clothing, and not just differentiating how we wear clothes but changing the way look at it.

 Explain the meaning behind Red Mark Clothing?
I wanted to make a mark on the world, “paint the world red”. As an artist myself I wanted to see more artwork on clothes, I wanted to see something distinctively different. I wanted to be different than the big brands like Polo.

There are tons of street brands that come and go, what makes this the next great brand?
We represent unification, peace, togetherness, humility, good positive energy. Our company is here to not just be a company that becomes a part of the problem, but one that becomes part of the solution in making an impact in people’s lives.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Captivating, artistic, revealing

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