Safaree Was Jumped by Meek Mill and Crew

Apparently, things got a little bit out of hand outside of DJ Khaled fashion party in LA yesterday. In some video clips that made its way to social media late Friday night, it shows a very upset Safaree claiming to have been jumped by Meek Mill crew outside the event. In one video you can see a scuffle happening and Safaree running away for safety while another guy is taking the pounding from what looks like security guards. But what we don’t see is Meek Mill in the shot.

Here another angle of the #meekmill x #safaree altercation

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A later video shows Safaree telling the story of what just took place. The two have had their differences in the past but let’s just hope things like this can stop and they can move on and continue to make money.

So apparently #safaree got jumped by #meekmill crew outside of #djkhaled party in LA

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