Soulja Boy Talks About The Time He Shot A Home Invader

In a recent interview with VladTv, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy tells the story of when some burglars broke into his home, and in a wild shootout, he fatally killed one of the suspected robbers.

The story dates back to 2008, back when Soulja was at the top of his game with hit singles like “Crank That” and  “Donk.” The alleged shooting happened when Soulja and his crew was returning home from his album release party and a group of men followed them through his gated community. Then all went south after that.

In past interviews, the story was a whole lot different. In a 2009 radio interview,Soulja said one of the assailants had put an AK up to his friend’s head and put him on the ground before the men fled from the house. There was no mention of him shooting anyone.  Then in a 2010 interview, he admitted to shooting one of the home invaders but was advised not to discuss it at the time.

Needless to say, the internet went wild over Soulja claims of having a body on his hands, clowning at the fact that his story sounds like something from a movie.

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