The Entrepreneur Corner: Get To Know The WOPA Group CEO,Panama

It was during my radio days that I got to first meet this humble homeboy named Panama. I was interviewing singer/songwriter Skye and he accompanied her to the station. Before going on air, we chopped it up about the music business and the ins and outs of being successful and just by his demeanor I knew there was something cool about Panama.

Not many behind the scenes people get much light shined on them, some just like working in the back and enjoy, some like the limelight, and Panama is either. Sure from his early acting gig being on the hit HBO show The Wire and being known by some of the coolest people in entertainment, Panama keeps a cool head of focus. Focusing on one goal and that goal is to be great!

How’s life treating you nowadays?

Panama: Life has been treating me with respect, with love and positive energy. Life has brought me some amazing experiences, amazing people with new relationships and some amazing memories. I’m not in a space to complain or stress out about anything or anyone. Life has me looking forward to more but most importantly it’s now about how am I treating life. On this personal journey of mines, all I can say God’s Engineering. Humble.

I’ve known you for some time now, but explain to the folks out there who you are and what you do.

Panama: Indeed King. It’s been a solid few years that we known one another and I’m happy to say, I’m proud of your journey and thank you for being in my corner and the ones around me. To many, I am so many things. To my family, I’m a son, a brother, God Father, a man and a King. To the industry, I’m the manager of the legendary group, Force M.D’s. I’m an actor. I’m a recording artist. Mentor and consultant to so many entertainers / artists. CEO of The WOPA Group, Team Skye and executive producer / project manager for several projects that are going to be release this year and next. Humble.

You see the industry from both sides, acting and music, which side do you feel is the hardest to break in to?

Panama: Yeah King, I been blessed to see the industry in so many lights and continue to see the industry for what it is and how it’s changing every 3 to 6 months. I can’t front, I wouldn’t say it’s been hard to break in, maybe a bit challenging in certain situations and with certain people. My passion overrides my fear, my confidence overrides my ego / pride and my faith in the almighty has made this journey that much more amazing and refreshing. I grind. I work. I help. I protect. I advise. I love. I support. Acting and music are passions of mines. To my advantage, my acting helped me drastically in the music business due to my role in the critically acclaim show, THE WIRE on HBO. Humble.

A support system is important to survive in this game, tell me about your support team.

Panama: Having a support system is very important. You cannot and will not win in this business without a support system. It is impossible. The whole music business is built off support. We all support something or someone in order for the music business to continue to grow. My support team are amazing. The Kings and Queens in my corner have their life together or at least a great sense on where they are headed in life. I have balanced and logical minds in my corner. I have experienced and mentors in my corner. My support system are pioneers. They motivate me to rest well on road trips, eat well on road trips, patience with strangers, place books in my life to read to educate the mind and elevate the spirit, pray for me every time I drive a car or board a flight. My support system focus on building character. We focus on longevity and nothing else. Humble.

Talk to me about The WOPA Group, INC

Panama: My company is here to fill a void for artists who really want to break into the business. The advantage with working with us is that I personally went through these challenging channels and I’m able to detail my experiences and execute an effective plan for the talent. WOPA stands for Winners. Own. Perfect. Angels. We don’t fear the unknown, we seek the unknown, dream the impossible and achieve greatness. We a multicultural entertainment branding and management label. Humble.

What does the future hold for The WOPA Group?

Panama: To become a global force but it’s one step at a time. We are going to be real to the business and to the people. There’s room for everyone to win at something and we just want to help with that. Humble.

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