It’s Time Brooklyn Gets a Fabolous & Friends Show

Scrolling through my music library I came across my Fabolous playlist that I felt needed a little bit of updating being that he recently dropped some new music with Trey Songz, and while in the midst of listening to old classic Fab, that’s when the thought came into my head, “why haven’t Fabolous have a Fabolous and friends show?”

Now we all know Fab bars are undeniably some of the best bars in the game to date. But when it comes to tours/performances I started to think that I haven’t seen fab live in a while. And when I do see him in show form it’s usually a guest spot. But what if Fabolous was to change all that?

Like what Meek Mill is to Philly, Fab is that to Brooklyn. Looking through my Instagram one night I seen Meek Mill rock out to a packed crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. Bringing out artists like T.I., Rick Ross, DMX, YG, DJ Mustard and more. So my mind started to go into a frenzy as to why my second Brooklyn hero (Jay Z is number one) Fab don’t put this show together?

Brooklyn is home to some unique venues to host this type of show. We have the Ample Theater in Coney Island and the Music Hall of Williamsburg, but ideally, we would all want Fab to host a Fab and friends show at the house that Hov built The Barclays Center. The 18,000 seat arena will be best, like Meek Mill show at the Wells Fargo Center the Barclays is the mecca of Brooklyn. Sure those other venues are cool, but let’s be real an artist of Fabolous stature should tear down the biggest venue in the boro.

Now some will ask who will he bring out?  Fab have worked with some of the best in the game and he is highly respected by his peers, so surprising the Brooklyn crowd won’t be hard to do.

Let us just hope that this reaches Fab and he will consider doing a show for his hometown of BROOKLYN!!

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