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Toronto Based Artist GOV Returns With A Heavy New Video Single For “MiXXXd Up”

GOV is an exceptional new voice originally from London, UK but now based in Toronto, Canada. Creating a buzz in 2016 with his debut EP release “Nights”, the project featured notable guest artists such as Amir Obe, and Ye Ali. Premiering the EP via Complex Music, Gov established a genuine sound that fused elements of grime, trap, R&B and hip-hop.What you are reading now is a text block, the most basic block of all. The text block has its own controls to be moved freely around the post…

In May 2017, GOV released his second official EP “The Roses”. To accompany the project GOV put together an incredible short film that was scored with music from the EP. The EP and the film “The Roses” were featured in Complex Music, HotNewHipHop and Boi-1da.net among other tastemaking media outlets. The EP and the short film were heavily inspired by the city of Toronto.

Currently about to release his debut, full-length, album project titled “The Red Room”, on August 10th, GOV gives us the first video single “MiXXXd Up”. The new project continues on the sounds GOV has established with his previous releases and brings new vibes with genre-blending style. The production on GOV’s projects has always been consistently solid, “The Red Room” is no different with Canadian producer Arhem crafting most of the album’s production.

Speaking on the new single “MiXXXd Up”, GOV adds “ MiXXXd Up” is one of the first songs I wrote for the project last fall and you can hear it in the music, it has dark undertones to it but is still vibrant and edgy. Marked a moment where I really decided to push the grain creatively with this project and not confine it to a certain genre. I was listening to a lot of electro, rock, and alternative when I was shaping “The Red Room”, so it definitely has that sort of soundscape. 

The song is essentially about the mix-ups I find myself in and I’m just letting it be known, that this is the life that I live, so getting involved with me, you’ll find yourself in similar mix-ups. It’s just that simple, rock star lifestyle, no apologies.”

The video was directed by Saint of Motion 20 Films and features some amazing camera work, something GOV has built a reputation for since the release of his short film for “The Roses”. “MiXXXd Up” is a darker video that represents the song and its message.

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