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V.I.C.E The Acronym for Fat Loss

Fat loss can be a complicated thing for anyone especially if you are not use to going on a regimen that will get you closer to your fat loss goals. For this reason, I have created an acronym for fat loss that you can see as a guideline to achieving your goals and we are going to call it V.I.C.E. This stands for Variety, Intensity, Consistency and Efficiency. So what exactly does this all mean? Let’s talk about how each one of these words can be applied to your fat loss goals:

Variety: You always hear that you should mix things up when it comes to losing fat but what does this mean? This means you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one form of exercise. I always mix things up with my clients while still staying with the program. This doesn’t mean do everything and not stick to a program, this just means do a few things and do them well. So include strength training, cardio exercise, fitness classes, etc.

Intensity: Nothing pains me more than to see some people workout and lack the intensity needed to challenge the body. It’s your job to make the mind and body understand that you want to lose weight. Lack of intensity equals a lack of results so make sure you are giving it your all and make the workouts intense according to your fitness level.

Consistency: How do you consistently lose weight? By being consistent in your workouts and you’re eating habits. Again, nothing brings pain to me more than when people are not consistent. The times when you feel like giving up are the times you should keep going. Having a workout schedule and an end goal will keep you from falling off. Everyone has their obstacles but if you can sustain the effort necessary to lose this weight, you will see results in no time!

Efficiency: What if I told you that you could lose weight doing 3 days a week at 45 mins a workout session; would you be able to commit? I think most would say yes! There is a misconception that you need to do 90 minutes a session to get things done. Not true. The average person would lose weight by simply getting the most out of there workouts and trying to stay within a time limit with as little rest in between sets as possible. Don’t spend too much time sitting around doing nothing and instead, make the most out of your workouts and get in the gym and get out. Who has time to be in the gym for longer than they have to be!

Conclusion: The goal of dropping fat is not always as easy as it seems but it is not always as hard as we think it is. Using this acronym as a way to get to your goals will go a long way into getting results faster and easier! Trust me, you are only workout away from being a healthier stronger version of yourself.

Stay hungry my friends!

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