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Who that on the pole? Interview with Lucy McKinney

By: Rodney Harris, CPT, Health Coach, Fitness Instructor

Featuring: Lucy Mckinney, CPI, Fitness Instructor

Pole Dancing has gained a lot of attention over the last few years and many people especially women are discovering that you do not have to be an exotic dancer or work in a strip club in order to engage in the art of the pole! Now women all over are even using Pole Dancing as a way to increase strength, get in shape and gain some confidence while they are at it.

One young lady whole has definitely used this art as a way to get in shape and transform her life is Lucy Mckinney. She is a 30-year Pole instructor residing in Virginia and a mother of 1 but you’d probably think she was fresh out of college by her baby face.  She is using what he has learned over the past few years to teach others the art of pole dancing and showing other women that this can indeed be a very healthy practice in order to live a better overall lifestyle.

I wanted Lucy to share her story with everyone as well as highlight some of the benefits of Pole Dancing so I decided to interview her so that she could share her journey with everyone in this blog because I believe in promoting healthy living for all and to expose the many ways you can to change your life with a little hard work and dedication.

KR: So let’s get started. I’ve known you for almost 10 years now and met you in New York. Just tell everyone where you were born and raised?

LM: Born and raised in Jamaica Queens NY

KR: Why did you decide it was time to move to Virginia?

LM: Honestly I wanted to moved out NYC I was just scared because NYC is all I know but my mom has been down in VA for 5 years now and she always told me how nice it (Virginia) was so I went down 4 years ago and I hated it. Then I went back in July of 2014 older and with a different mindset and I loved it. Then in February of 2015 I just packed up and left.

KR: What made you first decide try out pole dancing?

LM: I went to KOD’s (King of Diamonds) in March of 2012 and seen this pole dancer do these amazing tricks, and I fell in love. A few months later in December as a birthday gift to myself I just went and brought a pole and funny enough my friend brought me a lesson too so January 2013 my pole journey started.

KR: Were you nervous the first time around?

LM: HELL YEAH! After 1 lesson I gain a new respect for pole/exotic dancers because I sucked and I couldn’t even lift myself off the floor!

KR: Where did you learn the majority of your moves and who taught you? Was it one specific person or a combination of people or mostly self-taught?

LM: I start off being taught by Tiffany Gautier who said in the 1st class “I’m here to support your pole career whatever that might be” and for 2 years she did just that! Gave me a strong foundation. Then when I moved to VA and I called the only pole studio in Woodbridge VA where Devon William answered and told me to come on by. Mind you she had only been open for two weeks and had just a level 1 class which is for beginners and I was already 2 years in. Now 1 year later I’m a teacher there so it goes to show you how much she affected me in that one class.

KR: Did you originally use pole as an outlet for fitness and getting in shape?

LM: Yes, I was always active. I played ball in H.S. (High School) and ran track so after being out of H.S. for 10 plus years I wasn’t so active and I needed a workout that was fun and challenging and I did P90x 1 and 2 which was great but after the 90 days you repeat the same routine which left me bored and I fell off and went back to being 200lbs.

KR: How long have you been practicing pole for now? How has it benefited you from a mental, physical standpoint?



Lucy Pole Photo shoot: 2015

LM: I just made 3 years on January 5th and from a mental standpoint HELL YES!!!! Listen the human body is amazing and to see myself go from not being able to lift myself 2 feet off the floor standing to being able to sit on the floor and climb a pole with just my arms to the top blows my mind. So mentally my mind is saying what can’t I do. Physically I thought my body before my daughter was great. You know young no wear and tear but now at the age of 30 my body had never look better and I have abs OMG!!

KR: How long did it take you to make your transformation? When did you see your body was changing?

LM: It took me literally 3yrs, I wasn’t in a rush. I started to see my body change within a few months of taking pole classes.

KR: Is there anything you did diet wise to compensate the level of activity of pole dancing?



Lucy’s Transformation from 3 years ago and now from Right to Left. 

LM: I hate the word diet, I more eat in moderation, but since I’ve been more active my intake is a little more.

KR: What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before now that you have excelled at pole dancing?

LM: FLEXIBILITY! I only had a right split and it was probably always forced! Now I can bend in ways I Only seen on T.V.

KR: Did you do anything else exercise wise to make your transformation besides Pole Dancing?

LM: My two years of pole I just did pole only. Then I did my 1st competition and seen how great that competition was so after I lost I realized that if I wanted to be as great I need to add on strength and flexibility training.

KR: What are the biggest misconceptions about learning pole dancing? How have you tried to dissuade those misconceptions?

LM: That everybody who pole dances is a stripper and that you need to be a certain weight to do it and you need to have upper body strength before starting. I’m a regular person who took Pole classes and I have posted (my journey) every step of the way on my social media to show everybody that these misconceptions are untrue.

KR: What are your recommendations for anyone looking to start out in Pole Dancing in order to get fit or for any matter in general?

LM: Find a studio that fits you and commit to it. The rewards are worth it.

KR: Do you teach in one on one settings, group settings?

LM: I teach in all settings. Private settings, groups etc.

KR: Do you have a studio where you conduct your lessons?

LM: Yes, Pole Pressure Woodbridge in Virginia.

KR: What are your plans going forward with being a Pole Instructor over the next few years?

LM: Just to become the best version of myself and to do workshops build woman’s confidence and perform as well.

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