50 Cent Say’s Hot97 Ebro Are Beefing Over the State of New York Hip-Hop

Today Hot 97 early morning show host Ebro Darden and 50 Cent exchange shots at each other over the state of New York hiphop. Not really sure where it all started but somewhere down the line Ebro made a comment that 50 Cent ruiend New York hip hop. Possible with his feuding with local artist or his demised of Ja Rule, who have not been able to regroup after his feud with fif.

Taking shots at each other over Instagram both 50 and Ebro ave been trading jabs from the most part of the day. 50 who was in a earlier Instagram war of the words with his son mother is at war with about everyone. From Meek Mill,Rick  Ross and more, Ebro sees this as a distraction from his other drama.

Stay tuned as we will full you in on all things leading on this story.

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