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A$AP Rocky Reportedly Ambushed In Hotel Elevator

There have been reports that Harlem rapper, A$AP Rocky was crowded by a bunch of guys while in a hotel elevator in New Zealand.

According to TMZ, A$AP was staying at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland around 3 AM local time, for a Thursday night concert. Sources say that A$AP was getting in an elevator with some women, and three guys wanted to get on also. When A$AP declined telling them there was no more room left inside, the altercation escalated.

Reportedly the guys then jumped the rapper, punching him in the head and face while he tried to protect the girls. Witnesses say the suspects then began yelling, “Fuck A$AP!,” before the hotel security arrived to break the fight up and the cops was able to obtain one of the suspects — a 35 year old local who was booked for assault and resisting police.

Injuries Rocky suffered are unclear but for now he is still scheduled to perform at tonight’s concert.

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