Beyoncé’s 2017 Grammys Performance Is All About Her Twins

Beyoncé and Solange made momma Knowles proud tonight as they both took home Grammy’s. Stating that  “I’m blessed to have daughters—wonderful daughters—all of whom make me proud with everything they do. All Grammy winners tonight, too—that’s not on the script,” Tina Knowles began. “I am proud of their accomplishments, their self-confidence, and their desire to make a difference. What makes me most proud—and why I’m here tonight to introduce Beyoncé—is the devotion and love I see in her for her daughter and the way she has always expressed love to all of those around her. I believe she earned nine Grammy nominations for her Lemonade album this year because of all of that and more. It’s evident in her powerful words and music.”

But with a soild performance, Beyoncé with twins in belly took down the house with a theatrical performance for the ages.She performed a medley of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” while wearing a suitably queen-like gold dress and headpiece. Queen status.

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