Entrepreneur Corner: Self-made Millionaire Rah Ali Inks New Deal with SpokeHub

Rah Ali is known for her tenacity in actively launching and promoting new businesses throughout the city of New York. The Bronx native, TV Personality, Author, CEO, and Ambassador is now expanding her catalog into the digital world by partnering with SpokeHub, a new app designed to enhance a users experience of social interaction in the app world.

“SpokeHub is the wave of the future”, says Ali. “Remember when we all would connect and chat on BBM” SpokeHub takes the experience of Instagram and infuses the intimacy of those chat rooms we all used to love like Black Planet and Myspace but in a new renovated way”
SpokeHub is a minority led company making waves in the social media space. With roots in Durham, NC and backed by the Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program, they hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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