Eric Bellinger Responds to Tory Lanez With New Track “Yikes”

When it comes to taglines Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez looked to Compton native Eric Bellinger for what some may call inspiration yet others would say he blatantly stole. Eric Bellinger took to Instagram a year ago to address his concern about another artist stealing his tagline. “It’s like an artist saying We the Best and they not Khalid!” ex p lai n s  Bellinger .
Tory Lanez definitely should’ve seen this coming. A few weeks ago Lanez recently released his album “MEMORIES DON’T DIE”, and on the record titled “Hate To Say” he listed a clear description of Bellinger saying:
“R&B niggas with Sisqó haircuts, wildin’ and stylin’
They dissin’, guess they just tryna go viral, I feel ’em
This your favorite song, this gon’ be your favorite song
‘Cept when I say it, it’s really the people’s favorite song
You did a vid diss tryna flex the i8, I could’ve flexed a ‘Rari or Wraith, but nigga, I ain’t”
As if the diss record wasn’t enough, weeks proceeding the release of Hate to Say, Lanez continually bashed Eric Bellinger ‘ s name when multiple people confronted him about the lyrics.
Of course, Bellinger didn’t take lightly to the insults and decided to respond with a record appropriate for the insult titled  “Yikes. ” Bellinger drops an E-Mix over the Lanez   ” Hate To Say ”  beat which Eric explains Tory also stole in the E-Mix. Unlike Lanez, Eric had no problem letting Tory and the world know exactly who is being referenced in the record.
“Your only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented”, “Tory, when will it stop?”

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