**Exclusive Interview WIth Starjay**

Forever Young may be Starjay latest project, but it’s not his best. Growing up in Coney Island where we would consider it “the 6th boro” Starjay best work is stepping into the booth to even record. Coming from a town of ball players and the normal street activities that come with poor neighborhoods, waking up and going to the studio to lay down tracks is the best work Star can do.

Forever Young serves as the rising hip hop artist fourth mixtape. Starting off with his Young Black & Gifted series that boosted 3 tapes, Forever Young shows the growth of Starjay. Giving us more than glitz or glamor, Forever Young starts the new year off with music that really matters. In a time of uncertainty, Starjay is giving us a look into his beautiful struggle.

In my sit down with a guy I knew most of my life growing up in Coney Island, I got understand more and more about his passion for his raps. For Star rapping is not a get rich quick scheme for him, it’s his rights to passage, it’s his salvation.

When did music enter your life?

When I was young I just used to freestyle but it made sense. Then I started writing in h.s. but I used to talk about nonsense it wasn’t until my uncle died that I incorporated reality in my rhymes. Talking about actual real life events and my life, my family etc. Because it used to just be punch lines, guns and drugs just stupid shit.

Whats the motivation behind your music?

I love music it’s a passion I think that’s the motivation to be able to do something I love and make a living from it. I can listen to music all day straight through that’s a love, the money will come I’m passionate about it.

Who are your musical idols?

Big, Hov & Jadakiss my holy Trinity but number one goes to Jay Z, that guy is the greatest rapper of all time.

Are your idols still putting it down?

Of course, Hov and kiss still rocking.

Describe your style

I don’t wanna box myself in so I’ll just say I’m versatile, definitely aware of what we’re going through as young black men and I speak on it as well as family shit as well as the fly shit we like. All around, very aware of what I say and put out tho.

What got you to want to enter the industry?

I just wanna make music, create opportunities for me, my family and friends. You know we from Coney Island and that shit is poverty. Me, you and a couple of our friends are the blessed ones as far as being to provide and take care of ourselves but we’re still here and the object is to get out.

What can we expect from your new mixtape?

It’s called Forever Young I’m dropping it 1/1/17 (Sunday -I’m in the stu as we speak) you can expect harder shit more aggressive, some political songs or content and things of that nature.

What’s your take on today rap?

I mean it’s evolved if it stayed the same we would still be complaining as we are now about it not being what we’re used to. So it doesn’t really matter to me cause I listen to who I like and who I don’t like don’t listen to it at all.

Who would you like to work with & why?

Hov number one cause he raised all of us with the flow and that’s a measuring stick for who I think I am in my head as far as my rapping skills go (lol) and is the status quo for what we aspire to be especially us Brooklyn boys. I would like to work with somebody totally opposite from me as far as how the can rap/sing like Travis Scott/young thug (who is actually dope) people like that. Definitely Beyonce and Chris brown who I think is the greatest artist of his generation.

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