Get Familiar With The Princess Of Hip Hop and R&B Jayla Marie

Hailing from the boro that gave us the iconic rap group The Wu-Tang Clan, Jayla Marie is setting her path of stardom. As an adult, I got my first glimpse of Jayla while watching Jermaine Dupri Lifetime hit show, The Rap Game with my kids. Being a native New Yorker when I see someone from my hometown on the small screen I have to take notice. But it wasn’t the pint-size emcee swagger and flow that got my attention, but it was how much my kids was into her. Jayla had not only my attention but by looking at her youtube videos, she got the attention of more than a million people.

Dubbed as The Princess Of Hip and R&B, Jayla rapped her way to the finals of the hit teen show The Rap Game, the show is the brainchild of super producer Jermain Dupri. JD is known for launching the careers of two child acts one being Kris Kross in the early 90’s and the career of Bow Wow. When asked if being around Jermaine Dupri was intimidating, Jayla response was a simple “no.” And with that confidence, it gives us a great indication that Jayla is here to make an impact on the game.

In its second season, youngsters watched as Jayla destroyed her competition, and although she didn’t take home the ultimate prize, she did something that is priceless and that’s winning the hearts of families that love hip hop.

So what have you been up to since the show?

Grinding, working on new music and videos.

How was the experience being on The Rap Game?

It was a great experience being around some of the legends in the industry and plus the competition was good. It was an overall great experience.

Did you click with any of the other contestants on the show?

Yea we all cool, we all call each other family.

Are you working with anyone for the show?

Nah I’m just working and grinding on my own stuff right now.

Being that my daughter is a fan of Jayla, I let her come with me to this interview and had a question for her. My daughter wanted to know if she felt Jayla should have won The Rap Game. Being a true professional, Jayla gave a response that shows growth and maturity ” I feel we all did a great job and I feel we all brought something different to the table, but there has to be a winner and we were all happy for her. At the same time, we all are destined for greatness.” 

Get to know the young emcee as she embark on her journey, stream her latest music below.


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