Is Samsung Reportedly Trying To Buy TIDAL?

Seem like Samsung is trying to take a splash in the streaming game by trying to aquire Tidal from Jay Z. Tidal has seen a increse in subcribership in the past months due to their exclusic content such as the hit web show Money And Violence and Kanye West The Life Of Pablo as well as Rihanna ablum ANIT. 

Jay Z acquired the streaming service for $56 million in January 2015 and since the company has seen a few CEO’s come and go but since naming  its new CEO Jeff Toig Tidal has been on a surge.

In acquring Tidal Samsung will compete with Apple Music and Spotify for streaming service. Jay Z who have a relationship with Samsung may or may not take the offer, but juding by the landscape of music one will say this will be a huge come up for the jigga man.

Stay tuned for more details to come.


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