Is There Trouble In Paradise For Diddy & Cassie? 

It may be quits for Diddy and his girlfriend Cassie. According to reports, the two have reportedly broken up following a heated argument that took place between the two in a car parked in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday. 

According to TMZ, the longtime couple got into a heated argument in the car after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break upwith him. Diddy allegedly grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it before getting out of the car with the phone, and Cassie took off with the driver.

 from there Diddy headed home a short time later and returned Cassie’s phone to her before leaving again. But By that time the damage was done , Cassie had reportedly called her mom and told her about the phone incident, which prompted her mom to call police and ask them to send cops to the home. The singer already had her phone back when the cops arrived, but police still wrote up a domestic incident report about what had taken place.

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