Kanye West Passed The King Of Pop Michael Jackson for a Major Billboard Milestone

With a little help from Schoolboy Q, Kanye West have passed a milestone once held by Michael Jackson. According to Billboard, Yeezy now own more top 40 hits the king of pop. By being featured on Schoolboy Q “That Part” it now gives Ye 40 top 40’s hit on the top 100 chart.

A record that was held by Michael Jackson and Frakie Vallie, who each had 39 respectively. The Schoolboy Q track which is featured on his latest album Blank Face, climbed from 42 to 40 on the charts, which help Kanye get this record.

Others who are included on the list are:

80 – Elvis Presley
69 – Lil Wayne
57 – Elton John
53 – Drake
46 – Stevie Wonder
45 – Jay Z
44 – James Brown
>42 – Chris Brown
41 – Marvin Gaye
40 Kanye West


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