The scene that started it all.  For me anyway.  From the moment he walked in and saw the look on her face and asked for the room to when he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her, this is when it started for me.

He knew her so well, it took him all of two seconds to see the look in her eyes and he knew something was wrong with his baby. He knew that she knew he’d been lying about Amanda Tanner.  When she said ‘sweet baby’, the look on his face showed such regret mixed with shame.  He knew he had major damage control to do.

When he cornered her against the wall and rested his thangs on her, pulled her against his body, I was gone.  What made it worse was that he hadn’t even kissed her yet, but his proximity alone had the poor woman unable to breathe, unable to focus.  I was immediately intrigued.  Like what kind of connection, sex, relationship did these two people have that he literally took her breath away (and mine!)  Obviously his hooks were in deep.

When he said look at me……… I just turned to water.  She slapped the taste outta this man’s mouth and all that did was spur him on.  He went in on that and kissed her, and I was like…….wow…….I had to keep watching just to see where, how, why these two were, but weren’t a couple anymore.  I HAD to know.

It’s been such a roller coaster with these two.  Sometimes I feel like the third person in their relationship. I feel their pain, their happiness, their highs and lows,their angst. I am 10,000% rooting for this couple.  

Fitz and Liv forever.  Damn you, Shonda.  

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