School Teacher In Atlanta Is Going Viral Because Of Her Good Looks [Pics]

Remember that time when you had a crush on your teacher and couldn’t wait till you got older so you can shoot your shot? Well during the age of social media, it has gotten more  assessable to find your favorite English teacher and what she/he has been doing on the weekends.

One Atlanta teacher is catching flack for her desirable looks. Patrice Monroe, an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, broke out today and went viral because she’s a good looking woman.Parents and internet trolls have been growing concerned over the way she dresses.

Monroe has had some haters since being dubbed as the “hottest teacher in America” some folks on twitter posting on her outfits “Who wears a body con to teach CHILDREN??!!??? Wtf?  But with every hater,there are some supporters. Monroe ig account which is at 66k has been receiving support from her followers for her.

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