Why EP’s Are No Good To The Game [Music Review]

Death to the EP’s

This past 4.th quarter of music hosted a lot of returns to the game and a few overhyped albums. What should have been Lloyd & The Dream mark back to the R&B front, it just turned out to be a tease of lackluster EP’s.  Now not saying EP’s are not good for up and coming artist to help give a new audience a taste of what they can get in the near to distant future of what kind of sound one can expect from them.

But for The Dream and Lloyd, this 4th quarter should have been theirs for the taken. There is no need to lead up to a full-length album, give it to us NOW! Don’t waste time with just five songs, don’t get me in a mood than say it’s over. Don’t treat fans like a cheap prostitute. Show us that you mean what you say you were doing during the time you been away. Don’t have fans waiting for just an EP then say “this is before the album drop” then we don’t get an album until late the following year. Don’t be scared of our reception either, drop the music, and move on.

EP’s are a waste of time and space, just drop the music and let us judge it as a whole, cause any way you look at, you losing right now.   

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