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Greetings world, Michelle Daniel here and I would like to welcome you to my crazy story of two best friends who desperately try to fix their screwed up love life with construction paper. I know,  but just go with me on this one. Build A Boo is my latest project that I have set huge goals for. I’ve been an independent filmmaker for seven years and with each project it feels like my very first one. However, that quickly fades with hectic actors’ schedules, long days on set and eye popping nights at the computer editing. But that’s also the beauty of making amazing films and I am in love with just that… making amazing films.

Build A Boo has a sense of magic to it and I want to share that with the world. There are so many love stories out there, but I have to believe there’s not one told like Build A Boo. This film symbolizes rebirth for myself and my team. We are some of the hardest working independent filmmakers and we have something to prove. We are going to do just that with Build a Boo and YOU! Help us show the world what can be done with a small team of passionate creatives and unbreakable drive.


Fall head over hills in love with Ava & Taylor as they struggle through their crazy love life trying to make sense of it and somehow fix it with construction paper. Ava, the feisty lesbian who is on the verge of not believing in love again after the horrible separation from her ex, and Taylor, the girl-next door who is in love with a no good mama’s boy with too many children to count, dare to think that their love life has a chance of survival. Love circles back around for the both of them, but are they truly ready for what they’ve asked for?




We’re Asking For Assistance, Not A Fortune

What do we need other than your undying support? $10,000 USD

In order to make Build-A-Boo a reality, we need help. Before I even decided to create a campaign, I sat down with my team as we tried our best to bring the budget down within our own financial means. We’ve asked friends for locations, enlisted our children as PA interns and shopped around for just about the cheapest way to make this film, but the fact remains that there are lots of things that need to be purchased, acquired and/or rented before we can shoot our first scene.

These things include make-up/wardrobe, securing locations, art direction & production design (that means props amongst other things),  and feeding our highly skilled team, who look forward to the food more than getting in front of the camera.

In addition, some of our scenes take place at night, so we’re going to need a generator to power our lights. Lights are so important in film. After Build A Boo has been shot, a portion of funds raised will lastly go towards the various aspects of post-production, such as editing, sound design, and color correction. Also, we will use the remaining funds to submit our film to festivals.

It’s Gets Deeper

There are a lot of amazing filmmakers in the world, but we know there is only one The DAMN Network. Your contribution to this project will not only help us bring to life Build-A-Boo, a realistic comedy about love, but also propel everyone who took part in making this series great into their next level of their film career.  The DAMN Network is more than a network, and our production company does more than create films; we are a family and we love every aspect of the art of filmmaking. But more importantly, we work hard and push each other to be the best at what we do. With your contribution we will be able to share The DAMN Network with the world. With your contribution you could help one of our family members become the next Hollywood star because we are the next generation of badass storytellers.


Our Trouble Spots

Our challenges have always resulted from the lack of funding. We currently employ a small team of filmmakers who wear multiple hats. Normal long hours associated with filmmaking is doubled due to our determination to make quality films. The only way we overcome these setbacks of exhaustion and burnouts are encouragement and energy drinks. With your help we will be able to give who we believe to be the hardest working team some help.

More than $$

Assistance goes beyond financial distribution, that we know. If you are unable to contribute financially to our project we would love you no less. Hell, if you spread the word about our campaign, our network and our amazing cast and crew we will be honored. We are not just saying that. EVERY ROW OF THE BOAT COUNTS in our book.

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